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Our Divorce Support  is available to you when attorneys are beyond your financial means. You may want to represent yourself.  With the family law assistance that we provide, you are guided  through the paperwork and procedure process.  We are not an online service or virtual service.  Advocate Legal Centers actually has an office where we meet with you in person.  We are available for you,  most weekends and evenings by phone.  If you require an evening or weekend office appointment we can schedule those if we are available or offer you other alternatives.

 We provide Divorce Support

We provide Divorce Support and guidance by helping you prepare the documents necessary for filing your particular case.  The piles of paperwork necessary for filings with the Court can be overwhelming.  We help you carry that load.  Our assistance will hopefully insure that your rights will not compromised.   Advocate Legal Centers has over 30 years experience with document preparation with 15 years in the same location in Upland, and over 15 years in Claremont, California. If you feel that you need the assistance of an attorney to represent you, we can provide you with a list of attorneys in the area, that have been recommended by other clients and those that are familiar to us.

Divorce Support provided by Advocate Legal Centers  that assists  with issues including: • Divorce• Child CustodyChild Support • Spousal Support • Property Settlement BriefsPension Plan Division QDRO • Domestic Violence Restraining OrdersPaternity PetitionsGuardianship Adoptions  • Name & or Gender Changes Civil Filings ~ Call Now for a Free Consultation to meet in person or on the phone ~ 909-981-8889 • We offer a payment plan • Can’t Afford to Pay for an Attorney? You May Not Need One! • We assist you in filing all the necessary paperwork. • Affordable Rates with Experienced Professional Expertise. Save on Legal Fees!  family 3